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What exactly is a Pizza Pop-up?

Little Pizza Heaven is a mobile pizzeria based in Montclair, NJ.  We have a "big trailer" that serves as our fully-licensed commercial kitchen located at 63-65 Church Street, Montclair.  We offer pickup and delivery from that location.

In addition, we also have 2 pizza ovens on wheels (pictured above) that we use to put on "Pizza Pop-Ups".  We take these ovens on wheels to neighborhoods all over the area, where we set up for the evening and turn out piping hot pizza.

These are not private events, so anyone can order!

Typically, one neighbor acts as the host, and allows us to set up for the evening on their sidewalk, and all their friends and neighbors are invited to place an order through our website (pre-orders are REQUIRED by 10am on the day of the pop-up).

Sound good?

Click here to see a list of upcoming pop-ups

Click here to host a popup