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How does it work?

1) Each week we offer a variety of meals from a variety of Montclair NJ-based restaurants.

2) All dishes are fully-cooked and ready-to-heat.

3) Delivery cutoff is at midnight on the day before delivery.

- If you order from our Tuesday delivery menu, cutoff is Monday at Midnight. 

- If you order from the Little Pizza Heaven Heat & Eat menu for Weds delivery, cutoff is Tuesday at Midnight.

- If you order Little Pizza Heaven Pizza Friday, cutoff is Thursday at midnight.

Do the restaurants pay a fee or commission on sales?

No, they don't pay us any fees or commissions.  Our goal is to help restaurants during one of the toughest period in history, so we don't charge them anything.

    Is there a delivery fee?

    Orders less than $50:  $4.95 delivery fee.

    Orders $50 or more: FREE Delivery.  

    Where do you deliver to?

    Currently, we only deliver to Montclair NJ (07042) and Upper Montclair NJ (07043).

    Do you have a list of ingredients for the meals?

    Unfortunately, we do not have lists of ingredients available, as we partner with a number of restaurant providers, and the list is constantly changing.  If you have food allergies, we recommend that you do not order from us as we cannot make any guarantees about ingredients contained in any dishes that are offered.

    Where is the food prepared?

    The food is prepared at local restaurants that are based in Montclair, NJ. 

    How many people does each dish serve?

    You mileage will vary depending on appetite, but each dish generally serves 1-2 people.

    Can I make additions, substitutions, or changes to the dishes that I order?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to modify the dishes.  This is because our agreement with restaurants is that we will provide them with uniform orders in bulk.  This allows them to prepare large volumes for us, while also providing regular service for their own retail customers.

    Are there heating instructions for the meals?

    General rule of thumb is 325 degrees for 10 minutes.  If it's not warm enough after 10 minutes, put back in for another 3-5 minutes.  Be sure to only heat meals in oven-safe containers (most containers that food arrives in is not suitable).

    What happened to Montclair Family Meals?

    For those who don't know, I launched this site and Montclair Family Meals in an attempt to help Montclair's Restaurants (one of them, Little Pizza Heaven, happens to be mine). Montclair Family Meals was never intended to be a for-profit business.

    I won't bore you with the details, but I ended the Family Meals concept because, to be blunt, it was too much work and a lot of headaches.  I wasn't expecting to turn a profit, but I wasn't expecting it to turn into a job either.  

    Heat & Eat Dinners is my attempt to continue to help Montclair NJ restaurants without running myself ragged.

    Who is behind this site?

    My name is Jason Milleisen.  I'm an entrepreneur that loves to tinker with business ideas. I have run a consulting firm with a focus on small businesses for the past 11+ years.  I also own a pizza trailer called Little Pizza Heaven, which offers pickup (hopefully delivery too soon), and pizza pop-ups around town.

    In late 2020, I launched Montclair Family Meals in order to help Montclair's restaurants get through the difficult winter, when covid was causing indoor dining restrictions.   Due to the logistical nightmare of routing orders to 12 different restaurants, I decided to shift gears and focus on the Heat & Eat Dinners concept.  It's actually simpler for me, you, and the restaurants to just have the meals delivered to you.

    Heat and Eat Dinners has the same goal as Montclair Family Meals - to send as much business to Montclair's restaurants as possible.