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Hi there!

My name is Jason Milleisen.  I'm a Montclair resident and entrepreneur that loves to tinker with business ideas. I have run a consulting firm with a focus on small businesses for the past 11+ years.  I also own a pizza trailer called Little Pizza Heaven, which offers pickup (hopefully delivery too soon), and pizza pop-ups in Montclair, NJ.

In late 2020, I launched Montclair Family Meals in order to help Montclair's restaurants get through the difficult winter, when covid was causing indoor dining restrictions. 

Heat and Eat Dinners has the same goal as Montclair Family Meals - to send as much business to Montclair's restaurants as possible.  They just happen to attempt to accomplish this goal in different ways.

Montclair Family Meals offers Family Meals (serves up to 4) for PICKUP.

Heat and Eat Dinners offers Individual dishes for DELIVERY.